Thursday, June 30, 2022
JHS Kustom Electric
JHS Kustom Electric
JHS Kustom Electric
JHS Kustom Electric

Music Instrument News brings ideas and suggestions to add more profit to your bottom line, with a variety of accessories that can be offered every time you sell a musical instrument or other major item.

Value add-ons at point of sale (cases, cleaners, tuners, strings etc.) can really add up over the year! By simply offering your customers relevant high margin products to enhance their primary purchase you can make a substantial difference to your profits. Here are just a few of the best on the market to be going on with..

Margin Makers

New Premium Rosin from W.E.Hill & Sons

W.E.Hill & Sons and Barnes & Mullins are proud to announce the launch of a new range of Hill’s Premium Rosin. Handmade in the United...

D’Addario Designates June 6, 2022, as #WorldStringChangeDay

D'Addario is proud to announce the inaugural celebration of #WorldStringChangeDay on Monday, June 6, 2022. As a leader in guitar string innovation and quality, D'Addario...
Hill Conservation Wax

W.E. Hill & Sons Introduce Conservation Wax

Barnes & Mullins and W. E. Hill & Sons are pleased to announce the release of W.E. Hill and Sons' Conservation Wax, free of...

Warwick Presents New Line Of High-Quality Bass Straps

Comfort and quality: Warwick presents a line of new high-quality straps for guitar and bass, produced by the renowned manufacturer Richter Leder in Germany. Warwick...

RockBoard Power Block – Multi Power Supply

The RockBoard Power Block is a compact multi-power supply for effects pedals and offers 10 power slots for the parallel power supply of up...

SNARK™ introduce ‘Rechargeable’ clip-on all instrument tuner

With an on-board rechargeable battery, one fast charge from any USB port including PC or power bank, the new SNARK™ Rechargeable clip-on tuner will...