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DMI Guitar Labs Now Available from Rosetti Ltd

Rosetti is excited to announce that DMI Guitar Labs’ outstanding range of products, including Fret Butter and Guitar Clean, are now exclusively available through Rosetti!

DMI Guitar Labs creates professional-grade products designed to help you easily maintain and protect your musical instruments. Their commitment to cruelty-free, environmentally responsible care products makes them a top choice in the industry.

Fret Butter

Fret Butter is a unique and simple patented proprietary solution for your stringed instruments fingerboard. In ONE simple operation Fret Butter:

  • Removes Fingerboard Grime.
  • Hydrates the fingerboard leaving it with a satin touch.
  • Removes Oxidation from Frets.
  • Prevents corrosion from sweat, acids, and other destructive elements.
  • Safe for Nitro, Poly, UV Catalysed, and Waterborne Finishes.

Guitar Clean

Guitar Clean™ is formulated to safely and effectively clean the surface of your guitar, Guitar Clean™ removes finger prints, smoke film, water spots & other soils from hard surfaces with minimum effort and contains no wax or polymers.

  • Safely Cleans Your Guitar.
  • Removes Fingerprints, Smoke Film, Water Spots & Other Soils from Hard Surfaces.
  • Safe for Matte or Gloss.
  • Fragrance & Wax Free.

Maple Butter

Maple Butter™ and its non-corrosive formula is designed to easily clean all non-porous fingerboards, especially Maple, leaving them clean and clear without any waxy residue.

  • For Maple or other Non-Porous Fingerboards.
  • Non-corrosive Formula.
  • Wax Free.
  • No Nasty Residue.

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit Fur is an archival-grade edgeless microfleece, whose non-marring ultra-soft texture delivers professional performance – suitable for all instruments.

  • Rabbit Fur
  • High-Grade Microfleece.
  • Ultra Soft & Non-Marring.
  • For Use on All Instruments.
  • 16 x 16″ (41cm x 41cm).
  • Extremely Durable.

For more information, please visit:
01376 550033

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