Monday, June 14, 2021
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary

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Online reviews are today’s essential tool for buyers. Customers research the products they are interested in before committing to buy and what they want to help them choose are impartial, independent reviews. Music Instrument News’s online consumer titles Drummer’s Review and Acoustic Review lead the field in high production value, impartial product reviews by experts and we are making both publications’ entire libraries of reviews available free of charge to retailers, manufacturers and distributors to share with your potential customers!

To share any of the reviews below, simply copy the link for the relevant YouTube reviews and use them in e-shots or on social media, Alternatively, embed the review into your own website – completely free with no charge and no obligation!  All we ask in return is that you tag or reference Drummer’s Review or Acoustic Review as the source.

Electric Products

Marshall DSL20C Review

Sister site Electric Guitar Review takes a look at the Marshall DSL20c amplifier. Stock this product? Why not share this free and impartial review...

Yamaha Pacifica 612V II X Review

Sister site Electric Guitar Review heads to the studio as we take a look at the Yamaha Pacifica 612V II X. Find out what...