Monday, September 27, 2021
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary
Vintage Guitars 25th Anniversary

Product Directory for UK Music Distributors

Active Music Distribution

Distributors of Ludwig, Tycoon Percussion, Slapklatz and Alpine Hearing Protection.

Distributors of Bergantino Audio Systems, Cioks, Death by Audio, Dynaudio Pro, EarthQuaker Devices, Emma Electronic, Jackson Audio, KMA Audio Machines, Maxon, Meris, Neunaber, Nobels, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Peterson, REVV, Robert Keeley Electronics and SolidGoldFX.

Barnes and Mullins

Distributors of Faith Guitars, Peavey, Admira Guitars and Brunswick Ukuleles.

Daddario Brand Logo

Distributors of D’Addario, Promark, Planetwaves, Evans and Puresound

Elixir Strings Logo

Elixir® Strings distribute a full assortment of acoustic, electric and bass guitar as well as mandolin and banjo strings.

GEWA Logo 2020

GEWA are distributors of DW, Gretsch, Ovation, Applause, LP and own-brand music products.

Headstock Distribution Logo

Distributors of Laney, Ibanez, TAMA, Zildjian, Schlagwerk and DiMarzio.

Distributors of Alesis, Akai Professional, M-Audio, Denon-DJ and MARQ.

Distributors of over 60 brands and 5000+ products including Vintage, Encore, Dean Markley, Kam, Kustom and Odyssey.


Distributors of Takamine, VOX, Mapex, Paiste and Vic Firth.

Madison and Fifth

Distributors of Charlie’s Pedal Boards, LOXX Straplocks, PedalSnake, Stetsbar and Super-Vee Tremolos.

Distributors Marshall and Natal

Strings and Things

Distributors of Ernie Ball, Dunlop, Music Man, LR Baggs..

Yamaha Music Logo

Distributors of Yamaha and Line 6 music products.