Award winning Scottish Saxophonist Laura Macdonald performs with Marca Reeds

Award winning Scottish Saxophonist Laura Macdonald performs with Marca Reeds

Award winning Scottish jazz saxophonist Laura Macdonald, performs exclusively with Marca reeds made in the Côte d’Azur region of France.

Regarded as one of the finest female players in the world of jazz, Laura favours Marca reeds for all her live work and recording sessions.

Marca offer a comprehensive range of cane reeds for all models of saxophones, from the low Bb of the bass sax to the upper altissimo registers of the soprano. These include the Superieure, Jazz, American Vintage, Premium, Excel, PriMo and Paolo De Gaspari Series.

It’s from this vast Marca range, that Laura has chosen the popular Jazz Series for all her sax duties, including live shows, studio recording and for her roles as a composer and teacher.

“I love Marca reeds”, says Laura, “My choice is the Jazz Series strength 2.5, which I find incredibly responsive with my P. Mauriat lacquered 67R alto saxophone.

As a jazz musician I’m looking for a warm, dark tone, the combination of the sax, the mouthpiece and the reeds themselves is really important, the Marca Jazz for alto saxophone, gives me exactly what I’m looking for throughout the full range, from sub tones to rich harmonics.”

Whilst a very popular musician regularly performing at events that include, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, Laura has been twice nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Composition Award and has been commissioned by Creative Scotland Commonwealth Games, SNJO, London Jazz Festival, PRS, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Jazz Scotland, The European Jazz Network and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Laura’s albums have all received critical acclaim, including the self-titled Laura in 2001, Awakenings in 2003. Open Book in 2008, and Duets with New York based pianist David Berkman in 2014.

Hear Laura play Marca Jazz #2 reeds here on the track Skylark from her album Duets

“I’m also working on a new album called ‘Together’ set for release this autumn , a remote project with 5 performers and composers from around the world that came together during Covid. I’ve also been living in the twilight world recently, having been a finalist in the TV show Master Chef, I’m cooking at food festivals all over the country…..and playing sax, how cool I that?”

Clarinet and saxophone players the world over have been enjoying the benefits of Marca reeds for their strength, consistency, resonance and brightness.

Marca have reeds for all musical styles, from jazz and pop, blues to rock, crafted from the finest, wild French cane grown in the Côte d’Azur, region of France. Painstakingly selected and aged for optimum quality, Marca reeds have been designed, developed and manufactured in France since 1957.

Available in packs of 5 or 10 with strengths from 1.5 – 5, Marca pure French cane reeds are available for alto, bass, contrabass, Bb and Eb clarinets, alto, soprano, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones.

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