Paragon announce Fluorocarbon classical guitar strings

Paragon announce Fluorocarbon classical guitar strings

World famous New York guitar string manufacturer Augustine, have launched two new sets of Paragon Fluorocarbon ‘Carbon Treble’ classical guitar strings.

Available in medium tension (Paragon Red) or high tension (Paragon Blue), each set is configured with carbon treble strings producing a crisp bright tone and paired with bass strings from the Augustine Classic bass range.

The new Paragon Fluorocarbon Red and Blue classical guitar strings have true intonation, whilst effortlessly delivering a mix of full bodied tones with brilliant projection and acoustic resonance.

Like all Augustine classical guitar strings, the Paragon Fluorocarbon ‘Carbon Treble’ sets have an extended life span, will tolerate all styles of classical playing and produce a superb representation of low and high end frequencies.

Little did Albert Augustine know back in the mid 1940’s when he met Spanish classical virtuoso Andrés Segovia to discuss and improve classical guitar string designs, that over 70 years later, this respected USA company would have a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest classical guitar strings.

Augustine strings are also popular with players from beginners to professionals for offering the choice to select and match their own custom-tension of treble and bass strings.

Augustine Paragon Medium Tension Carbon Trebles. (Red Set) £19.99 rrp                                                                  Augustine Paragon High Tension Carbon Trebles. (Blue Set) £20.99 rrp.

Augustine Classical Guitar Strings are distributed in the UK and ROI by JHS.