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New Stetsbars fit to Fenders and wrap-arounds

Stetsbar, the US manufacturer of highly regarded retrofit vibrato systems, has launched new models to fit Fender Jazzmasters, Jaguars, hardtail Stratocasters and guitars with wrap around bridges from brands including PRS, Gibson and many custom makers.

‘Since its introduction nearly 14 years ago, Stetsbar has achieved considerable esteem as the ‘no-mod’ retro-fit guitar vibrato of choice for thousands of professional and amateur guitarists alike’, UK distributor Madison and Fifth says. ‘They choose it specifically for its high build quality, smooth operation, wide range and superb accuracy. Originally designed by Stetsbar CEO Eric Stets for his much loved ’71 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty, the first Stetsbar model allowed owners of guitars with a stop-tailpiece to install a vibrato system on their instrument without any permanent changes.

‘Since then, Stetsbar have introduced models for Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, hard-tail guitars as used by companies like Ibanez and the “easy mount” OEM/Luthier models used by small and medium builders.’

Madison and Fifth adds that Stetsbars require no drilling or routing of the recipient guitar, which can be returned to its original condition later, if required.


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