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US government offers CITES overview

The US Fish and Wildlife service has created a succinct summing-up of the current import and travel rules surrounding musical instruments containing rosewood (Dalbergia spp) on a new web page .

The so called CITES rules which came into force on 2nd January this year have caused disruption in the musical instrument industry with UK reports of guitar shipments being delayed and even impounded due to confusion over the paperwork now required to allow rosewood products to be traded internationally.

The Fish and Wildlife site gives a simple summing-up of the position which, although it is intended for a US consumption, will be essential reading for exporters and importers in the UK and travelling mmusicians. It also has links to various other sites with helpful information.

The new CITES regulations do not affect stringed instruments alone and it is significant that the Fish and Wildlife website was cited in a statement issued yesterday by woodwind manufacturer Buffet Crampon USA.

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