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New Roland Jazz Chorus combo + Boss pedals

Roland has announced three simultaneous new products launches – the Jazz Chorus JC-22 combo, Boss CP-1X Compressor and  AD-2 Acoustic pre-amp pedal.

The latest in the long-running Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier series, The 30 Watt JC-22 is aimed primarily at home users and includes Roland’s Dimensional Space Chorus. The twin 6 1/2” speakered combo weighs just 26 1/2lbs (12kg) and measures 18 3/16”x19 7/16”x 3 5/16” (461x239x338 mm).


The Boss CP-1X Compressor features Boss’s Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology and intelligent processing, which analyses the input signal in multiple dimensions in real time, providing advanced dynamics control: ‘that never colors or muddies the guitar tone. Optimized for all types of guitars, the CP-1X delivers highly musical sounds for every style of playing,’ Boss says.

Finally, the AD-2 Acoustic Preamp features an Acoustic Resonance effect that recreates the complex tonal characteristics of an unplugged acoustic, plus ‘a high-quality reverb optimized for acoustic guitar performance’. The pedal also includes stage essentials like a notch filter for feedback reduction and a balanced DI output.


The AD-2 also features two independent outputs and players can use the Output jack to connect to an acoustic guitar amp or stage monitor, and use the Line Out to send a balanced signal direct to a PA mixer. The AD-2 also provides low-frequency feedback reduction with an easy-to-use notch filter, and offers the ability to use the footswitch to mute the sound for switching guitars and tuning on stage.


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