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New Licence-free wireless systems from Adam Hall

Adam Hall’s new U500 Series is targeted at the licence-free wireless market and has already picked up a nomination from the German Design Council for its 2017 German Design Award.

The U500 Series offers true diversity radio microphones and guitar systems, available in the frequency ranges 823 – 832 MHz, 863 – 865 MHz, 655 – 679 MHz and 584 – 608 MHz. With automatic channel search, one-touch infrared synchronization and intuitive user control on easily readable OLED displays, the UHF wireless systems are said to be particularly easy to use.

In addition to dynamic and condenser microphones, there are also U500 wireless systems with headsets, lavalier and clip-on microphones and a version for electric guitars and bass. Exchange capsules with hypercardioid features are available for the handheld transmitters’ replaceable heads.

U500 bodypacks and wireless microphones boast a battery level display and can be given names to allow differentiation when several systems are being used at the same time. A total of 96 channels are available, spread over eight groups with 12 channels each. Up to six systems can be operated at the same time.

The outputs on the single and double receivers can be switched from line level to instrument level. Adjustable transmission strength of up to 30 mW, effective noise reduction with a pilot tone and the frequency range of 60 Hz to 16 Hz ensures transmission quality with high dynamics and very clear speech quality. Depending on battery type, the handheld transmitters and the bodypack have a battery life of up to 13 hours.


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