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Patrick Hufschmid of Hufschmid Guitars Unveils a Masterfully Handcrafted Guitar

Patrick Hufschmid, the individual artisan behind Hufschmid Guitars, is excited to announce the release of his latest guitar creation. This handcrafted instrument is a testament to the fusion of traditional artisanship and historical charm, made in the scenic surroundings near Montreux, Switzerland.

The guitar’s top is a showcase of Patrick’s meticulous craftsmanship, featuring pine wood that has been expertly distressed and aged to develop a unique grey patina. This method mirrors the natural aging process of UV exposure and weathering, reminiscent of the approach Patrick used in his previous Iceman inspired project with a 120-year-old pine door.

The body is constructed from Sipo Mahogany, characterized by an exceptionally tight grain, and is perfectly quartersawn to enhance both its visual and acoustic qualities.

A distinctive feature of this guitar is the world’s first scalloped nut made from PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a material choice born from Patrick’s 28 years of dedicated guitar building experience. The scalloping, primarily aesthetic, lends an intriguing visual aspect to the guitar.

This singular guitar is now available for acquisition, priced at 3,500 Swiss francs. Interested individuals are invited to contact Patrick directly through the contact form on the Hufschmid Guitars website. Please note, the price excludes shipping costs and a hardshell case.

For additional information and to view this exceptional guitar, please visit

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