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Create Your Own Vintage Proshop Custom-Build Guitar.

The Vintage® ProShop® Custom-Build™ guitar project offers you the unique opportunity to work with the Vintage craftsmen at the ProShop facilities in Garforth, Leeds, UK, who rate highly amongst the world’s finest skilled luthiers, to design and create your truly one-off, personalised custom guitar.

The Vintage® ProShop® Series itself, created by the Vintage luthiers features totally unique instruments, which highlights their superior level of hand-made quality.


Whilst the demand for the exquisite Vintage ProShop Series models has been enormous, it’s also been two-fold, immense excitement indeed for the buyer, but disappointment and desperation for eager customers, as they are one-offs and when they’re gone, they’re gone…….UNTIL NOW.

With the Vintage ProShop Custom-Build Guitar project, you can tap into the depths of your imagine to design and create your own personal instrument.

Customers need only choose an electric guitar or bass from the Vintage ICON™ or ReIssued™ Series, all of which themselves are synonymous within build quality, playability and exceptional tone, whilst regarded in high esteem amongst musicians around the world.

Once decided, simply let your imagination go to work. The Vintage luthiers are all excellent musicians themselves, and devoted to authenticity with a passion for detail, and they crave a challenge.


If you adore an instrument with a high gloss polyurethane, pristine gleam in a beautiful finish of your choice, or the more organic texture of Nitro Cellulose under your hands, maple or roasted necks, brass or stainless steel frets, all in various stages of wear and tear applied by hand the only way the team know how, from mild abrasions, to a guitar that’s been played lovingly within an inch of its life on the live circuit for decades, or akin to a 60 year old barn-find, they can oblige.

Follow this link to the Inspiration Gallery for ideas based upon a wide selection of previous Vintage ProShop models, or configure your own theme utilising the styles from the present Vintage range, with stock parts, or any brand of hardware within pickups and accessories including the latest Entwistle low-noise Astrosonic humbuckers.


Visually, your instrument is going to look stunning in every sense of the word, constructed from Vintage tonewoods to enhance your sound and playing style, whilst on the inside, a variety of options are available for endless sonic versatility.

These include time-tested products that guitar players love, including the excellent Treblemaker from tone specialists Mars-Tronic, designed to preserve the clarity of your tone when you roll back the guitar’s volume, along with the highly innovative VARI-COIL wiring system which offers a rotary pickup blend, allowing humbucking pickups to roll smoothly back to single coil characteristics via P.90 sonics along the way.

Your instrument will also undergo a full ProShop setup, fret level, crown and polish, fingerboard dress and comfort treatment, truss rod adjustment and set, action height, radius, intonation and pickup height adjustment and nut slot regulation and comes with a Vintage® branded luxury gig bag, exclusive ProShop leather strap, pick tin, and tee-shirt and a signed ProShop certificate of authenticity.


Whether you are a hardened traditionalist that adores guitars with a killer vintage look, or have a bent for the completely outlandish, embrace your creative vision with the professionals, follow this link to get in touch with the ProShop team who are waiting to help you create your very own Vintage® ProShop Custom-Build Guitar.

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