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Black Friday Sale Now On At Nick Carter Drums

Black Friday Sale Now On At Nick Carter Drums – 20% Discount On All e-Books Available On

Noted UK drummer & educator Nick Carter is currently offering a 20% discount on all e-books available exclusively on his website:

With four e-books currently available covering everything from drumming basics through to advanced technique concepts, the four books offer a wealth of exercises, performance pieces, technical exercises, warm-up exercises and much more in a clearly presented, easy to follow format.

In Detail: From Practice To Performance – Book 1:

Nick Carter

From Practice To Performance Book 1 covers a wide range of subjects to help you get started on your drumming journey. Aimed at beginner drummers, this 142-page book covers  everything from setting up your kit to patterns and fills in a host of different styles. Written, developed and tested with input from a wide range of students to ensure it delivers everything you need to kickstart your drumming adventure.

In Detail: From Practice To Performance – Book 2 – Progressive Snare Solos:

Nick Carter

Progressive Snare Solos features a collection of 25 solo pieces written specifically for beginner through to advanced players in a range of time signatures and different styles.

Alongside this, the book contains further sections that take an in-depth look at rudiments and sticking patterns as well as comprehensive warm-up exercises and a host of hand development exercises to help drummers of any ability to gain more control, strength, stamina and finesse within their technique.

In Detail: The Power Of Paradiddles – Book 1:

Nick Carter

When it comes to drumming, there aren’t too many exercises/patterns that not only sound great played as funky grooves but also improve your hand technique massively and offer a wide range of playing possibilities, but the humble paradiddle ticks all of those boxes…and many more! Whether played on a single surface – snare drum, practice pad etc. or whole kit, paradiddles give you a huge arsenal of sounds and ideas that can, with practice, help your playing to sound fresh, funky and exciting!

In Detail: The Power Of Paradiddles – Book 2:

Nick Carter

Following on from Book 1, The Power Of Paradiddles – Book 2 features a wealth of exercises and examples to help boost your creativity when it comes to playing fills. Focussing on a multitude of different accent patterns and dynamics that can be orchestrated around the kit to create funky and fresh sounding fills, each pattern covers not only the traditional paradiddle but also different inversions to give you a massive range of exciting and interesting fill possibilities. Alongside this, the book also covers paradiddle-based linear fills, flam patterns and much more to help increase your drumming vocabulary while strengthening your technique behind the kit.

To claim your 20% discount on any (or all) of these e-books, simply head to, follow the links to the online store, choose your books and enter the code ‘BF2023’ when prompted at the checkout.

About Nick Carter:

Nick Carter has been a professional drummer for over 25+ years during which time he’s performed and recorded with a wide variety of artists including Jimmy Osmond, The Osmond Brothers, TM Stevens, Jeff Berlin, Marco Mendoza, Swans In Flight, Doug Wimbish, JUMP! & many more. As a seasoned, professional player Nick is at-home on stages of any size and has played numerous shows in a wide range of venues around the globe.

As an educator, Nick has taught in countless schools, colleges and universities as well as privately, and is currently writing a full drum kit syllabus and all course material for Indian-based music school Musee Musical School of Music. He also has a range of self-published drum tuition eBooks  as well as being regularly featured in various drum magazines around the world and as a guest tutor at a range of different teaching schools (both online and in-person) throughout Europe.

Thanks to his dedication and knowledge of all things drum-related, Nick is also an experienced music journalist, having previously held the title of editor of Drummer magazine (2012-2014), where he conducted interviews with the biggest names in drumming as well as reviewed the freshest new gear available on the market and devised features aimed squarely at inspiring and educating the next generation of players.

Alongside his on-going gigging, recording and teaching work, Nick is also currently product demonstrator, presenter and online editor for established international website Drummer’s Review – where the freshest new gear available on the drumming market is reviewed in a completely unbiased way, along with being a consultant for The UK Drum Show, the largest dedicated drum show in Europe.

For more info, head to:

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