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Hohner Harmonica and Jamzone Partner to Enhance Harmonica Education

Hohner Harmonica is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Jamzone, a leading music education and performance app. Jamzone offers a wide array of engaging features, catering to musicians looking to learn, practice, perform, and create music. Launching today and continuing indefinitely, Hohner Harmonica will provide a 30-day free access voucher to the Premium level of Jamzone with every purchase of any Hohner harmonica. This is in addition to the existing 30-days of free online lessons Hohner offers with the purchase of each Hohner harmonica.

Jimmy Zednik, Hohner’s Brand Manager, states, “With its many features, including key transpositions, accompaniment by real musicians, and an extensive library of over 60,000 popular songs, the Jamzone app is a fun way for musicians to revel in the joy of making music on their Hohner harmonicas. We’re excited to see this partnership expand horizons for harmonica players and enthusiasts alike.”

Jamzone users can enjoy songs spanning a wide range of genres, playable on any instrument. The app offers chord simplification, and songs are customizable to suit any key. Musicians can solo and mute instrument tracks, adjust tempo, control pitch and loop song sections to help improve their playing. Diatonic harmonica players will particularly appreciate the option to transpose any song to match the key of their harmonica. “This has got to be the best tool out there for any level of player. If you’re looking for the most effective way to become a better musician, Jamzone has you covered,” declares Jamey Garner, a Hohner Harmonica artist.

Jamzone serves both budding musicians and stage performers alike. It’s the ultimate tool for crafting a setlist, tweaking pitch and tempo, and creating a personalized mix of instruments on the fly, all in one convenient place.

The collaboration between Hohner Harmonica and Jamzone is poised to revolutionize the harmonica learning experience. This partnership empowers musicians with the tools and resources they need to delve into the world of harmonica music.

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