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Barnes and Mullins

KNA Pickups Partners up with GEWA Music for Distribution in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

KNA Pickups, a leading manufacturer of pickups, announces a new distribution cooperation with GEWA Music for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

KNA Pickups’ mission is to amplify acoustic instruments while preserving their authentic sound. Craftsmanship as tradition is meant to be combined with the innovation of modern musicians. An idea that GEWA music also stands by.

The partnership offers a great advantage, as KNA’s premium pickup solutions will be made available to a wider European audience through the established GEWA music dealer and distribution network. Musicians in this region will now have easy access to the high-quality, handcrafted pickups, designed to preserve the natural sound of acoustic instruments.

“GEWA music is pleased about the cooperation with KNA Pickups, a company known for its commitment to quality and innovation. This partnership will provide many musicians with uniquely authentic sound amplification” says Marcel Messner, CEO of GEWA music.

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