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PreSonus Unveils Studio One +

PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. have announced Studio One+, a revamped version of the world class music software ecosystem, PreSonus Sphere, that will include all of PreSonus’ core offerings under the umbrella of a single brand. Studio One+ gives users unlimited access to any and every utility necessary to produce, write and record music. In addition to Studio One, Notion, and every plug-in and extension, users also have access to an online portal that grants access to comprehensive masterclasses, collaborative digital tools, and a PreSonus online community. In addition, every month there will be exclusive content at no additional fees.

“Our goal behind the Studio One+ rebrand was to streamline the PreSonus journey for our users by giving them access to everything they need and more,” said Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, Software at PreSonus. “We used requests for new features and updates that came directly from our consumers and the resulting pieces of software are uniquely optimized for the user experience. Studio One+ is far more than a DAW, it’s an extension of the creative process entirely. We look forward to hearing testimonials from our community!”

Studio One is available for purchase via Studio One+ subscription or perpetual license by visiting Whether a user chooses a monthly or annual payment plan, they will have access to professional caliber software at entry-level cost.

With this new centralized approach, users will also have access to the latest updates of Studio One 6.2 and Notion Mobile 3.2, which include new features that were sourced directly from user requests. These updates are designed to put an emphasis on improved workflow and performance ensuring seasoned professionals and beginners alike will be able to express their creativity with ease. “We are excited to roll out these tested and tried new features in the new Studio One 6.2 update. They will allow users to have a more efficient workflow, allowing more time to create ,” added Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, Software at PreSonus.

Studio One 6.2 offers several new features and improvements based on user feedback:

  • Takes and Layers workflow, which is responsible for capturing and comping takes, has been remodeled drastically to better suit the often fast paced and hectic nature of tracking and editing with more control.
  • Auto Zoom automatically fits the contents of the Arrangement and Editors to any size screen and keeps them in place when changing or adjusting window configuration.
  • A new custom folder called “Event Editors” has been added to the Browser Effects tab and will provide one unified location for all ARA enabled plug-ins. Also, Event FX will now highlight and separate ARA plug-ins from other effects.
  • The extended notification center will now display community notifications including when someone likes or replies to a user post.
  • Using drag-and-drop, Insert and send effects can now be copied or moved with their associated automation data, a feature that can be used for both copying and moving plug-ins. The new update also includes a more consistent track and channel behavior.
  • Note Editing Enhancements include a new scale highlighting feature which highlights scale pitches in the Note Editor background any time a scale filter is selected and active.
  • A new option “Scale” has been added to highlight notes on pitches outside of the selected scale; a simple and effective way of identifying “wrong” notes when editing.

Additional 6.2 features include:

  • Macro Organizer and Toolbar enhancements
  • Distribute Lyrics to Notes in Score View
  • Stretch Automation when resizing Note Events
  • Customization presets on Templates
  • Tape-style time-stretching improvements
  • Send MIDI Clock option for hardware controllers
  • And more…

Notion Mobile 3 took mobile music notation  to the next level with support for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. Now version 3.2 adds enhancements to its tablature and chord features, multiple instrument changes per staff, and a number of new timesaving editing features. Plus Notion Mobile is now available in Samsung’s Galaxy Store! Find Notion Mobile for free in your preferred App Store or to learn more, please visit

PreSonus Sphere is now Studio One+, and it’s packed with everything you need to fuel your creativity, including access to an always up-to-date version of the powerful digital audio workstation, Studio One Professional, as well as an entire library of plug-ins, loops and professional tools. Make sure to watch the official video.

To learn more about Studio One+ please visit


Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) — whose portfolio of owned and licensed brands includes Fender®, Squier®, Gretsch® guitars, Jackson®, EVH®, Charvel®, Bigsby® and PreSonus® — follows a player-centric approach to crafting the highest-quality instruments and digital experiences across genres. Since 2015, Fender’s digital arm has introduced a new ecosystem of products and interactive experiences to accompany players at every stage of their musical journey. This includes innovative apps and learning platforms designed to complement Fender guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, accessories and pro-audio gear, and inspire players through an immersive musical experience. FMIC is dedicated to unlocking the power of musical expression for all players, from beginners to history-making legends. In 2021, Fender celebrated 75 years of giving artists “wings to fly,” carrying on the vision of its founder, Leo Fender, and connecting players through a shared love of music.


PreSonus Audio Electronics Inc. is the leading designer and manufacturer of recording and live-sound hardware and software solutions that solve real-world problems for creatives of all levels. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., PreSonus® designs innovative audio tools for musicians, content creators, producers, and audio engineers, providing professional sound quality and features without sacrificing affordability. Today, PreSonus is an owned brand under Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). While most guitar and bass players still plug into amplifiers, many also plug their instruments into interfaces, recording songs as well as using virtual amps and effects to create their sounds. With a shared passion for music and a commitment to innovation, FMIC and PreSonus are focused on delivering an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates hardware and software for an effortless end-to-end experience. For more information, visit

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