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SonicMind Revolutionizes Digital Control of Analog Gear at NAMM 2023

After seven years of obsessive research and development, SonicMind journeyed to the recent NAMM show in Anaheim, California to launch a new system that wirelessly controls analog gear through digital technology—without touching the analog audio signal.

The innovative SonicMind technology, which is patented in the USA, EU and Australia, can be embedded by manufacturers into analog effect pedals, amplifiers and switchers. Once modified, the analog gear can then be remotely controlled in real time via a free and intuitive app, which allows users to create tone presets, song presets, setlists and more. The app uses Bluetooth to connect your mobile device to the SonicMind Footswitch Controller, where the presets are also saved. The footswitch then takes on wireless control of the SonicMind-enhanced gear (including SonicMind-enabled pedals, amps and switchers) via lightning-fast and interference-free RF signals. The audio signal path remains analog every step of the way.

The SonicMind platform consists of three main elements:

1 – The technology built into the gear by the manufacturers
A tiny module – easily added to any PCB design – contains all the processing, memory and communication capabilities needed to control the pedal, switcher or amp. The manufacturer will also need to add a few additional components to enable the control of different settings. However, the design ensures that no changes are made to the original analog tone, and absolutely NO digitization of the tone path ever takes place. In addition, on a practical level, SonicMind has also developed the tools, processes and support to assist any manufacturer in embedding the technology into their gear.

2 – A SonicMind-enabled controller
This can be in the form of a simple footswitch unit or even a switcher, using technology provided by SonicMind to all manufacturers who wish to make one. The controller holds all the required presets in its internal memory so that when you’re performing, all actions are carried out independently of the app. SonicMind-enabled controllers communicate with the connected gear using a secure, proprietary protocol via radio frequency at around 900 MHz—extremely robust and lightning-fast. This enables settings to be changed on the connected gear in under 5 ms! To ensure that all connected gear can be used wherever you happen to be in the world, the exact frequency can be switched in the app to ensure compliance with local requirements. The SonicMind-enabled controller also communicates with the app via Bluetooth; since all performance data is onboard the controller, this element is not so time critical, but is still designed carefully to offer robust, speedy data transfer and security.

3 – The SonicMind App
This is a free app that enables the user to program unlimited tone presets—no longer simply controlling which pedals are on/off, or which amp channel is active, but also what exact pedal and amp settings are needed for any particular tone! The app is available for Android and iOS and works equally well on smartphones and tablets. Utilizing a universal app means the programming interface is common for all gear, regardless of the manufacturer. Through the SonicMind App, the footswitch controls can also be programmed to operate in three different modes:

  • Preset mode, where individual presets are assigned to different footswitches and selected as desired. The App also allows users to program as many colour-coded banks as they like; the only limit is your imagination!
  • Setlist mode, where you simply tap one switch to scroll through each part of each song in a setlist. Additional footswitches can enable scroll-back and next/previous song, or be assigned functions such as mute-all and boost (among many available options).
  • Direct select mode, where each piece of gear is assigned to a footswitch and simply switched in and out as required. Bringing everything together onto a footswitch controller just makes life easier.

During any performance, the SonicMind App acts as convenient monitor that can be attached to a mic stand or placed on your wedge monitor.

SonicMind-enabled controllers can also be produced and sold by any participating manufacturer, either as a standalone controller, or integrated into a SonicMind-enabled switcher. And with a SonicMind-enabled switcher, you can also alter the signal path of any connected effect pedals (not just SonicMind-inside ones!) – and control output level, boost, select output, control 4 aux switches, wet/dry mixes – in the app. Not only that, but in conjunction with full MIDI In/Out support in the switcher, the MIDI support in the app makes working with MIDI really simple.

SonicMind has started working with several top manufacturers worldwide to create modified analog pedals, amps and controllers that can be remotely controlled through the SonicMind system. “We’re very encouraged by the incredibly positive reaction we received at NAMM,” says SonicMind founder and CEO Urban Centa, “and we’re looking forward to working with industry partners to make the dream of digital control for pure analog gear a reality.”

Interested musicians can find out more about the system at, while manufacturers should visit the OEM-focused site at

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