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Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez Announces Limited Edition Tesoro de Guinea Black Limba Guitars for 2023

Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez introduces two limited edition guitars for 2023:                     the Tesoro de Guinea Black Limba A, as well as the Tesoro de Guinea Samba Limba B, are made of exotic Black Limba wood from Guinea and feature solid spruce tops from the Carpathians.

The Tesoro de Guinea Black Limba A model features a solid back and sides made of grained grade A Black Limba wood, a light Cedro neck and an ebony fingerboard. The guitar is finished with a shellac-based lacquer and features an original Spanish heel, a “Moreno” 12-hole bridge, RUBNER custom tuners with MR engraving, as well as a factory-fitted armrest. This model is based on the popular Manuel Rodríguez Magistral series and is limited to 164 guitars.

The Tesoro de Guinea Samba Limba B model is equipped with a brand new, exclusively developed Manuel Rodríguez ARTEC SQ-3 preamp, which includes a special SOLID FLEX pickup and combines the flexibility of cable or film pickups with the output power of piezo crystal pickups. The preamp has been EQ’d to provide a warm, transparent sound, which maintains the acoustic beauty of this professional instrument. The guitar features a cutaway and an arched 48 mm narrow Sonokilin fingerboard, a mahogany neck and a dovetail joint between the neck and body. Additionally, this model features an “anti-feedback” phase switch and a chromatic LED tuner and is limited to only 84 guitars.

Both models are strung with Hannabach 815HTC Silver-Special strings with carbon treble high tension strings, made in Germany, and come with a GEWA Prestige case. Each guitar has a numerated soundhole label and comes with a certificate to ensure uniqueness.

“This Limited Edition represents the high level of craftsmanship and quality that Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez has to offer,” says Manuel Rodríguez III. “The woods used were personally selected by me for their outstanding tonal qualities. We are very pleased to be able to offer these stunning instruments to our discerning customers.”

The Tesoro de Guinea Black Limba A and Samba Limba B guitars are now available for pre-order at authorized Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez dealers worldwide.

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About Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez

Rich in Sound, History and Beauty since 1905 Manuel Rodríguez is a family-owned guitar manufacturing company founded in Madrid in 1905. For over a century, the second oldest Spanish guitar company has been crafting handmade classical and flamenco guitars of the highest quality, using traditional techniques passed down through generations of master luthiers. Today, Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez continues to be a leader in the world of classical and flamenco guitars, combining tradition with innovation to produce instruments of unparalleled beauty and tone. All Manuel Rodríguez guitars are manufactured in Europe.

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