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Barnes and Mullins

JHS distribute Samsystems INTEGRAL close-cab miking systems worldwide

Designed specifically for live applications or studio use, available in a 10in or 12in format, both the INTEGRAL IM10 and IM12 offer an alternative concept for close-cab miking guitar or bass guitar speaker cabinets, or combos.

Featuring a robust, lightweight (under 6.5 ounces /196grams) circular frame and, with no batteries or power source required, INTEGRAL can be installed in minutes as a ‘fit and forget’ concept, mounted internally between the cabinet grill and existing speaker.

Described by the music industry and media as ‘ingenious’, INTEGRAL features a high quality off-axis, flat response super cardioid dynamic, wide-capture microphone with an exceptionally high/low, full range frequency response.

Pressure tested at extreme volumes, and housed within the central perforated dome, which also acts as a sonic diffuser, this highly sensitive capsule is aimed off-centre at the sweet spot area of the speaker coil.

Eradicating many of the problems associated with external close miking, the INTEGRAL has the ability to reject unwanted overspill from other instruments or close proximity drum kits, reduce valuable band set up and sound check times and negate the need for backline mics, stands and cables.

Gig after gig and for every studio session, INTEGRAL delivers the true, balanced 100% ‘ANALOGUE’ output from the speaker via an XLR connector to the mixing desk and onward to monitors or FOH PA.

Samsystems Technical Director Richard Smith says, “We are indeed, excited to grow our relationship with JHS, we could not wish for a better, highly respected distribution company to offer our products to a worldwide market.”

JHS Executive Chairman Dennis Drumm commented: “JHS is thrilled to be representing Samsystems globally within the music industry. It’s with pleasure we welcome and add this innovative product to our ever-expanding catalogue of popular instruments and accessories.”

INTEGRAL Close-Cab Miking System: IM10 10”  £110.00 rrp. IM12 12”  £120.00 rrp.

Visit Hall C Booth 7415 at The NAMM Show 2023 for a full Samsystems INTEGRAL demonstration.

Samsystems INTEGRAL products are distributed worldwide exclusively by

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