Teach Me Music Academy Adds Experiences to The UK Bass Guitar Show

Teach Me Music Academy Adds Experiences to The UK Bass Guitar Show

The UK Bass Guitar Show is pleased to announce the Teach Me Music Masterclass Room. Run in conjunction with the Music Industry Group, who operate the highly successful Teach Me Music Academy schools both online and at key locations in the UK, this room will offer visitors to the show the opportunity to get a more intimate experience when it comes to learning bass guitar. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Teach Me Music’s wealth of highly experienced players and tutors, along with special artist guest appearances.

Teach Me Music Academy is one of the UK’s fastest growing music education companies. Founded in 2014, it now has multiple locations and a huge online presence with a dedicated subscription service coming in late 2021, which is being fully produced by Music Industry Group. The Academy is quickly becoming one of the largest education providers in the UK.

The Academy specialises in the delivery of:

• 1-2-1 informative and exciting music lessons
• Masterclasses from respected industry professionals
• Workshops which cover various different instrument specific topics

Teach Me Music Academy utilises it’s own professional tutors which must pass a tough audition and demonstrate their professional abilities on their specific instrument and also works with a large number of music industry professionals, sessions performers and clinicians to bring a truly unique learning experience to their customers.”

Tutors & Experiences

Steve Lawson

Described by Bass Player Magazine as “without a doubt the most free-thinking solo bass player ever to emerge from this country”, Steve Lawson is a composer, improvisor, writer and academic based in Birmingham. He has released over 100 solo and collaborative albums on his own non-existent label, toured extensively across Europe and the US, lectures in numerous colleges and universities, is close to finishing a PhD looking at the role of the audience in his music, and writes the beginner tuitional column for Bass Player Magazine.

No less a luminary than Victor Wooten once commented “Steve Lawson is a brilliant musician. I’ve known about him and listened to him for many years. He may not be one of the most famous bassists but he is definitely one of the most talented” – who are we to argue?

Steve Lawson will host the following Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April:

Tone and Technique. How to match your gear to the Sound ‘in your head’

So often we talk about gear and technique in totally separate conversations, but changes in our pedals and basses often require a shift in how we play to get the best out of them. Solo bassist Steve Lawson, renowned for the dazzling around of sounds he can extract from a bass and a pile of pedals, talks us through some ways to think about the overlap between tone and technique.
Getting started with melody and chords
As bassists, our job is often to hold down a groove, to play steadily with great time and lock in with a drummer. But what happens when the music asks for something else? What do we do then? Steve Lawson offers some advice to broadening your skill set with chords and melody playing.

Steven Swift

Steven Swift has spent 17 years in the music industry building a professional portfolio working as a session musician, demonstrator for music industry brands, gigging musician in original and tribute bands and finally settled as a company director of Music Industry Group. Graduating with a Bmus Popular Music Degree (hons) from the University of Wolverhampton, Steven has performed throughout the UK and Europe, which includes headlining the Cambridge Rock Festival, performing with the Osmond Brothers and running masterclasses for Roland and Boss on their UK Academy tours. This knowledge has also taught him the tools needed to make it as a successful musician within the industry and pass on his knowledge to his students with Teach Me Music Academy.

Steven Swift will host the following Saturday 2nd April:


In this Masterclass, Steven Swift and Teach Me Music Academy will break down five popular grooves / songs to highlight important elements of the rhythm section and why certain songs and bands groove harder. Discussing rhythm, interplay between Bass and Drums, the important of notes and the constant and temporary nature of establishing groove. Recommended for any bassist who wants to improve playing with a drummer and feel.

Josh Hammond

Josh Hammond has spent 15 years in the music industry building a professional portfolio working as a session musician, educator, touring and recording bass player. Graduating with a BA (hons) in Professional Musicianship from BIMM. Josh has performed throughout the UK over recent years; touring with original bands such as Rise to Remain, Aurora and commercial shows such as Circus of Horrors. Having taught for the academy for over 7 years, Josh is regarded as one of Teach Me Music Academy’s most respected educators and has a huge passion for bass guitar.

Josh Hammond will host the following Sunday 3rd April:


In this Masterclass, Josh Hammond and Teach Me Music Academy will take an interactive look at how bass line creation works. Learn how to create a bass line in any style, in any key with a little bit of theory and technique. Recommended for any bassist who wants to get creative, learn to add tasty fills and find the right groove for any band or song.

The UK Bass Guitar Show takes place 2 & 3 April at the ACC Liverpool.

To exhibit contact Neil Golding organiser: +44 07717 404 243 info@theukbassguitarshow.com