Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbals – Drummer’s Review


Here’s our review of a set of Meinl Classics Custom Dark from sister site Drummer’s Review. Check out what Nick and Matt discovered when they headed to the studio.

Cymbals, featuring…

  • 15″ Hats,
  • 22″ Ride,
  • 18″, 19″ & 20″ Crashes,
  • 18″ Trash Crash,
  • 10″ Trash Splash,
  • 12″ Trash Stack,
  • B10 Bronze Alloy construction,
  • Wide blade lathing, extra hammering and dark finish.

Meinl says…“Aggressive and loud, but with a dark and warm tone, Classic Custom Dark cymbals are like nothing you have seen or heard before. Here, the cutting nature of Classics Custom is met with a shadowy and intense wash that envelops your playing with a complex, dark tone. The wide assortment of models and cymbal types are sure to help you find your sound whether you are adding on or building a complete set.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

RRP: Meinl Classics Custom Dark cymbals 

15″ Hats: £230.00

22″ Ride: £259.00

18″ Crash: £157.00

19″ Crash: £175.00

20″ Crash: £205.00

18″ Trash Crash: £165.00

10″ Trash Splash: £75.00

12″ Trash Stack: £145.00