Electric Guitar Review Posts First Review


Gold Media, after some delay, are pleased to announce their 5th online offering to consumers, with Electric Guitar Review starting today with the Yamaha Pacifica 612V II, with further filmed products to be added over the coming days and weeks.

“We are pleased to add Electric Guitar Review to our digital stable”, states Neil Golding Publisher. ” Having launched Drummer’s Review, Acoustic Review, Bass Guitar Review and back in December 2020 Keys Review, adding electric guitar products to our digital platforms was an obvious next move”. “It made sense with many of our relationships with the trade that represent more than one product group, to be able to offer impartial digital platforms to stimulate consumer interest and of course cross promote impartial reviews which we share and host on Music Instrument News for the attention of retailers, and where relevant, gather content for our exhibitors at any one of our events.”

“Whilst we continue to grow our digital offerings and expand our events, along with regular communication with the trade, for me, the ability to share content with the trade, consumers and show visitors, means that our investment in content, be it digital or physical, can be used 360.”

“Relevant news can be shared across 5 specific news/review platforms, reviews undertaken can be shared with consumer and trade alike, and products or brand news for those that are exhibiting at our events can be shared and posted on their respective sites; not forgetting news the trade send us to share on Music Instrument News”

“This past year has tested the resolve of the music industry, but despite the problems of Brexit, Shipping, COVID, there are some real success stories out there and speaking to so many businesses over the past months, our small industry should be congratulated for navigating and overcoming problems we have all faced,” Golding concludes.

For businesses wishing to discuss the supply of news, product reviews, or shows, please contact Neil Golding at neil@goldmediaandevents.co.uk or call +44(0) 7717404243.

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