GEWA Announce New Digital Pianos UP365 & UP385

GEWA Announce New Digital Pianos UP365 & UP385
With its digital pianos “Made in Germany”, GEWA music has already been sending
a clear signal for several years in the direction of ultra-modern and sustainable
instrument manufacturing at its location in Adorf, Vogtl. Germany.
Together with highly specialized suppliers from the region, a series of high-quality
and highly competitive instruments has been developed over the last decade.
Especially the high-resolution “Hamburg Grand” piano sample receives
outstanding reviews and represents the European sound culture.
The UP365 and UP385 models are a comprehensive update of the UP36 and UP38
models. Here, GEWA continues to rely on state-of-the-art circuit board
manufacturing from TechniSat and specifc loudspeaker systems from the
manufacturer VISATON.
The new “Concert Pianist II” Keyboard.
The new models feature the new “Concert Pianist II” keyboard for the first time. As
the name suggests, this is the successor to the proven Concert Pianist keyboard –
with great new features: Concert Pianist II is a zone-weighted keyboard with wood
elements, Ivory Touch surface, and pressure point simulation. All these features
provide a particularly balanced, controllable, and natural playing feel. The
keyboard was developed in close cooperation between FATAR and GEWA.
New sofware features & multilingualism.
Besides general software optimisations, EQ settings, and keyboard adjustments, the
UP365 and 385 instruments offer further great sofware features: For example, a
USB WAV recorder with which singer/songwriters can quickly capture their ideas
as high-resolution audio fles. For the frst time in the GEWA piano series, the
instruments have Bluetooth MIDI functionality. This is fully compatible with iOS
and Android devices and allows easy connection to popular piano apps & DAWs.
A unique feature is the multilingual control panel. This allows users to
conveniently operate their piano in their native language. The following languages
are available so far: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish. More
languages will follow soon.
The new GEWA digital piano models UP365 and UP385 are now available at
GEWA digital piano partners.