Denon DJ Introduces Prime Series 1.4 Firmware Update

Denon DJ Introduces Prime Series 1.4 Firmware Update

Denon DJ has announced its latest update which includes standalone streaming, track preview and much more!

 TIDAL standalone streaming is now integrated across all PRIME SERIES units via built-in WiFi and wiredinternet connectivity. Access TIDAL’s 60+ million songs, with music streaming from Beatport, Beatsource and SoundCloud coming soon too. The future is now switched on!

For SC5000/M users, our v1.4 update introduces a standalone ‘Track Preview’ feature, enabling pre-load audition of a track plus needle-drop search too. With PRIME 4’s new Expanded Track view, DJs can now see11 tracks in their Library view plus its unique Zone Out feature now has an Auto-Crossfade’ option for playlistedtracks, with a progress bar too.

Key Features:

  • Enabled internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and wired
  • Integrated TIDAL Hi-Fi music streaming
  • Added ability to preview tracks directly from the track list (SC5000/M).
  • Added ability to increase track list view allowing more information to be shown on the screen at once (PRIME 4).
  • Added ability to manually adjust loop in and out points via platter
  • Added ability to recalibrate platter touch sensitivity (PRIME 4).
  • Added ability to set crossfade time for Zone Out playlist (PRIME 4).
  • Added progress bar for Zone Out current playing track (PRIME 4).