BluGuitar launch the new 100watt AMP1 IRIDIUM Edition

BluGuitar launch the new 100watt AMP1 IRIDIUM Edition

The new AMP1 Iridium Edition joins the BluGuitar Series of powerful 100watt, fully analogue pedalboard amplifiers, along with the popular Amp1 Mercury Edition.

Aimed at the ‘metal guitarist’ and aptly named after one of the hardest metals on the planet, the AMP1 Iridium Edition, is driven by a powerful 100watt Nanotube tube power amp with an independent clean channel and three discrete overdrive channels, Modern/Classic/Vintage, all in all, the AMP1 Iridium Edition, kicks off where the Mercury Edition left off.

Each overdrive channel with Volume, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble and Reverb controls, deliver rich and tight distortion sounds that can be changed in gain, structure and timbre, offering different attack response and dynamics.

MODERN – With its extremely high gain reserves, this channel delivers crystal-clear string separation through a massive low-cut, and the Custom Tone control, lets you dial from a “cut thru the mix” solo sound to the typical “maximum brutality” mid-scoop.

VINTAGE – Tight and mid-emphasised woody sounds that are transmitted tightly especially with guitars using extreme low tunings, whilst delivering a creamy midrange distortion.

CLASSIC – Due to the hard distortion characteristics and the specially tuned bass filter, this channel is percussive and significantly wider and harder in the mid-range than VINTAGE. The mid-range can be shaped by the Custom Tone control from “Hot Rodded British High Gain” to “German wall of sound”.

CLEAN – The Amp1 Iridium Edition is hard metal, but should the need for ultra clean with massive headroom and treble reserves arise, the Clean Channel does the honours and also offers the optimum platform for stand-alone pedals, even mid-emphasised humbuckers perform with a transparent, sparkling clean response.

Like all models in the AMP1 Series, the new AMP1 Iridium, is designed by Thomas Blug, one of Europe’s top session guitarists, performers, recording artists and talented electronics engineer.

AMP1IE AMP1 Iridium Edition £749 rrp available from mid November

BluGuitar products are distributed exclusively in the UK and ROI by JHS.