Yamaha announce 2019 Synth editions celebrating 45 years in innovation

Yamaha announce 2019 Synth editions celebrating 45 years in innovation

Yamaha have announced an addition to its Montage synthesiser, featuring a packed new OS software for MONTAGE, MODX and CP – and share a look back at 45 years of Yamaha Synths.

Great White: alternative finish for MONTAGE

Since its introduction, synthesizer flagship Yamaha MONTAGE continues to excite with its powerful sound engine, versatile and flexible controls and an impressive playing feel. Successful artists around the world rely on the legendary manufacturer’s top synthesizer. Today, Yamaha also adds a new visual option: the three MONTAGE models are now also available with a sophisticated white finish. With this new exterior variation, MONTAGE not only fits into any musical environment, but can also match the users’ tastes aesthetically.

A pattern emerges: MONTAGE and MODX now feature pattern sequencers

While the new white finish for Yamaha MONTAGE marks a purely visual alternative, the new OS updates for MONTAGE and MODX enhance the already extensive feature set of both synthesizers sonically and creatively. The biggest addition to MONTAGE OS 3.0 and MODX OS 2.0 is the all-new pattern sequencer. Patterns with up to 16 tracks can be edited and saved to 128 slots. Importing and exporting MIDI files is also possible. Completed pattern chains can be converted into songs and saved accordingly. The pattern sequencer significantly extends the possibilities of MONTAGE and MODX to arrange entire songs without further equipment.

New effects, features and improvements for MONTAGE and MODX

In addition to the new pattern sequencer, MONTAGE OS 3.0 and MODX OS 2.0 also include new audio effects. Mini Filter and Mini Booster are modelled after the respective classic analogue synthesizer circuits, realizing the classics with Virtual Circuitry Modelling technology (VCM). Wave Folder is a special kind of distortion effect for twisting and refining sounds. A new, fast LFO allows for a wide range of creative applications. MIDI connectivity is enhanced by a hybrid function, workflow is streamlined and the sound library is expanded by a range of new performances.

More sounds, more possibilities: upgrading the CP series

The acclaimed CP88/73 series stage pianos released in January 2019, also receive an OS update. CP OS 1.2 incorporates feedback from the users and adds 30 new sounds to the instruments’ sound pool. Foot controllers and modulation levers can now be assigned to more parameters and can be restricted to work within a chosen range to match the application and the user’s taste. Workflow improvements for faster navigation complete the improved operating system in version 1.2.

45 year of Yamaha Synths Innovation.

While Yamaha announce all these latest additions in 2019 it was back in 1974 when Yamaha laid the foundation for its Synthesizers with its monophonic synthesizer SY-1, based on the GX-1 organ. The next classic followed in 1977: the CS-80 has been called the “king of synthesizers” by the synthesizer specialists at Synthtopia. Its expressive sound and controls justify the legendary status of the CS-80. In 1983, Yamaha popularized the FM synthesis, combining it with control protocol MIDI to form the era-defining DX7 – without this synthesizer, a large part of 80s pop music would have sounded entirely different. Today, Yamaha builds the legends of tomorrow with its flagship synthesizer MONTAGE, its more compact sibling MODX and the CP series stage pianos which are perfect for discerning pianists and gigging keyboarders.

Explore the history of Yamaha synthesizers

Yamaha are to celebrate this historic journey with a special website which now gives synth fans a chance to explore four and a half decades of synthesis interactively. From the classic SY-1 to the revolutionary DX7 to today’s MONTAGE – Yamaha synthesizers have always had a huge impact on the music of their respective time periods. Now enthusiasts can now explore the Japanese manufacturer’s virtual archives and experience the sonic dimensions of 45 years of sound innovation. This special website celebrating the 45thanniversary of Yamaha synthesizers is available from today and allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the exciting history of legendary instruments. Visit: Yamaha.io/YamahaSynthStory


Prices, Information and Availability

Montage white

Available now

SRP £ (inc VAT)

Montage 6 White – £3182

Montage 7 White – £3829

Montage 8 White – £4327


OS Software

The OS updates MONTAGE 3.0, and CP 1.2 are available immediately for free. They can be downloaded here. 

The MODX OS v2.0 will be available for download October 25th.

45 Years of Yamaha Synthesisers.

Explore four and a half decades of synthesis interactively at https://yamaha.io/YamahaSynthStory