Mark King “Keep’s It In The Family” with Markbass

Mark King "Keep's It In The Family" with Markbass

Legendary bass player and Level 42 frontman Mark King, has been confirmed as the most recent artist to join the Markbass family of endorsees.

When the folks at Markbass received an email from Mark, “It appeared to be a normal weekend for the folks at Markbass,” states MB; “we had known for sometime that Mark had a Markbass head for many years and that he would usually take it with him as a spare during festivals, which was never mentioned publicly”.

Markbass had sent him their new Little Mark Vintage with a standard 104HR. “We were confident that he would appreciate our last Markbass jewel but receiving this feedback is even more exciting”, say’s Marco at MB, not for a moment imagining the reply they then went onto receive directly from Mark :
“Say hello to my new studio rig. It’s the new Little Mark Vintage Gold Line head, and it sounds amazing. Loads of punch, and bags of tone. I’m a very happy boy, and can’t wait to get it out on the road. Thank you Marco.” Mark King.

Markbass is no doubt one of the most iconic bass brands. But they are clear to point out that “whilst some may believe that our collaborations with top-players are based on strong marketing strategies, negotiations, contracts etc..” states MB,  it is their passion, drive and emotion for the products that produce and bring artists like Mark King into the fold.