PRS reveals John Mayer signature – The Silver Sky

PRS reveals John Mayer signature - The Silver Sky

One of the most anticipated new guitars in some years has finally been launched – PRS‘s John Mayer Signature model – The Silver Sky.

Over two and half years in the making, the Silver Sky is described as  ‘a vintage-inspired instrument that is both familiar and uniquely PRS’.

The Silver Sky was first spotted in Mayer’s hands back in the spring of 2017 and was inspired, the maker says, by Mayer and Smith’s favourite elements of 1963 and 1964 vintage instruments: ‘…resulting in an idealized version of a vintage single-coil guitar. The attention that was paid to every detail sets this guitar apart’.

PRS Silver Sky Frost

‘It’s been a dream of mine for years to design a guitar that includes some of my favorite vintage specifications but with a modern spirit and aesthetic. After two years of study and refinement, the Silver Sky is my vision of what a reboot of the electric guitar should look and feel like,’ said John Mayer.

Some of the more distinctive specifications include, a “reverse” PRS trademark headstock shape, vintage-style tuners with PRS’s locking design, a 25.5” scale length bolt-on maple neck with Mayer’s signature 635JM carve, 7.25” fretboard radius, a steel PRS tremolo bridge with PRS trem arm, saddles, and Gen-III knife-edge screws, a trio of special PRS 635JM single-coil pickups, and precision-tuned electronics.

When Mayer’s longtime-tech René Martinez (former tech for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, and Prince) was asked what he thought of the new guitar, he said: ‘The first thing I thought about was how it felt, especially the neck, and it just feels good. Playing all the way up and down the neck, bending the strings, everything works and feels right. As far as the pickups and the sound goes, it’s unique while sounding familiar, and there are five distinct tones – as a single-coil guitar should have…It’s a fun guitar to play.’

Other high-quality specifications include a bone nut, a curved moulded metal jack plate that PRS says makes plugging and unplugging a guitar cable hassle-free, retooled knobs, fretwire that is slightly smaller than what you’d find on most PRS electric guitars (but larger than most vintage frets), and PRS’s double action truss rod (accessible from the front of the headstock for ease of use). The Silver Sky comes in four colours with distinctive accents on PRS’s trademark lower horn scoop.

‘Everything about this guitar has to work. It has to play in tune, stay in tune, not buzz, sound beautiful, have very good signal to noise ratio, and feel familiar and comfortable. By paying attention to all the details, we were able to create an instrument that John is very pleased with and that we are very proud of,’ Paul Reed Smith, PRS Guitars Founder.

PRS’s Silver Sky will start shipping on March 20, 2018. The first 500 guitars to ship to dealers and distributors worldwide from PRS Guitars’ Maryland, USA factory will include a commemorative hardshell case. The Silver Sky model will then ship in a newly-designed, premium gig bag.