Frankfurt Messe to host inaugural European Songwriting Award

Frankfurt Messe to host inaugural European Songwriting Award

Yamaha, Messe Frankfurt and the organisers of the German Songwriting Awards have initiated a new award for the songwriters: the European Songwriting Award (ESA), meaning that this year’s show (11th – 15th April) will be hosting the inaugural awards.

‘With the ESA, we are providing an additional opportunity for songwriters to demonstrate their skills to decision makers from the music industry, says the organisers. The jury will be made up of top personalities and A&Rs with an international network deciding who wins the singer-songwriter competition. The prize is a recording session under the supervision of a professional producer and then, via a specially founded singer-songwriter label, the ESA song will be distributed worldwide and pushed with professional radio and online promotional activities. Yamaha, will be throwing its weight behind the winner too, ‘promoting them whenever possible’.

The final round of the European Songwriting Award will be held at the Yamaha stand in the ‘Portalhaus’ building of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre on Friday, 13 April. The five finalists must perform their song for the jury and the winner will be announced soon after. The entry deadline is 10th April.