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Seymour Duncan launches Mustaine Thrash Factor

Seymour Duncan, has announced the launch of Dave Mustaine Signature Thrash Factor pickups. According to the manufacturer, the Dave Mustaine Signature Thrash Factor humbucker recreates the unique tone of the guitarist’s favourite JB pickup, used to record some of his most iconic albums, including 1990’s epic ‘Rust in Peace’. For this, Mustaine’s guitar was fitted with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and 59 model in the neck. According to Mustaine, that particular JB had a tone that that was different from an ‘off-the-shelf’ JB and had become part of his signature sound. The Californian pickup maker has been working with the guitarist to recreate that sounds and the result is the Thrash Factor.

‘We worked closely with Dave to recreate the tone and feel of his favorite JB, ultimately altering the winding process in order to achieve the tone he was looking for – compared to the standard JB model, the Thrash Factor’s low end is tighter, the mids are slightly scooped, and the highs are more aggressive’.


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