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‘Super Rich’ fuzz from Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan has a new fuzz box,  La Super Rica (it means super rich) designed satisfy guitarists looking for traditional silicon fuzz sounds.

‘We started with our favorite silicon fuzz circuit  – you know, the one used by all your favorite guitar players from the sixties and seventies – and set out to see if we could improve on the classic,’ The company says. ‘ First we brought it up to modern standards by adding a true-bypass switch, an LED and a standard 9v power connection. We also bumped up the overall volume of the pedal so that it would be easier to match levels with your amp and added a low-contour voicing switch with three settings – so whether you’re using single coils, humbuckers, or even a bass, La Super Rica can keep up.

‘We could have stopped there, but we weren’t satisfied yet. What we wanted most was the ability to shape how La Super Rica sits in a mix. Many fuzz pedals don’t allow you to shape the mid-range, resulting in either a scooped sound that gets lost when you add bass and drums to the equation, or unpleasant frequencies that can lead to ear fatigue. So, after some pondering, we added a parametric mid-range control so you can dial in as much (or as little) of exactly the right frequency to fit your mix’.

Designed and made in the USA, no UK price has been announced for La Super Rica but in its homeland it will sell for $179, street.


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