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Music Man’s NOMAC celebrates The Astonishing

Ernie Ball Music Man is celebrating Dream Theater’s album The Astonishing with a guitar that lives up to the title. Called the NOMAC, just 21 will be produced for sale worldwide.

Finished in ‘timeworn matte silver’ the NOMAC sports a manually machined, black anodised aluminum NOMAC medallion which sits below the tremolo and features backlit eyes made of three rubies set in white gold. For pickups, the NOMAC uses twin DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy units with custom laser cut pickup covers, controlled from three custom red anodised aluminum knobs, inset with 1.62 carats of 5mm rose cut black diamonds in 14 karat white gold bezels

The ebony fretboard features a 15 piece abalone Majesty inlay which spans the 11th, 12th, and 13th frets and there are six ‘omniscient eye’ acrylic screens framed in hand bent stainless steel surrounding a laser carved, hand painted NOMAC shield
Too plain for sir’s tastes so far? Well, the NOMAC’s enumerated back plate is fabricated with a cosmetic circuit board design and laser etched aluminum nameplate. It also includes a hand-signed certificate of authenticity
No price was quoted.

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