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TC launches UniTune Clip

TC Electronic has followed its PolyTune Clip with the brand new UniTune Clip, just announced.
Suitable for guitar, bass or ukulele, TC says ‘With its elegantly simple and sturdy design, scorchingly bright display and quick responsive performance, UniTune Clip is the obvious companion for serious musicians and bedroom heroes alike’.
The UniTune Clip offers strobe tuning with a claimed +/- 0.02 cent accuracy and ultra-fast chromatic tuning with +/- 0.05 cent accuracy using 108 high-powered LEDs for the display.
‘UniTune Clip features a light-speed chromatic tuning mode, that tunes your instrument in an instant with a scorchingly bright needle display to an accuracy of ± 0.05 cent. UniTune Clip gives you an instant readout for those quick on-stage tune-ups where you don’t want to hold up the gig for a bad pitch.
‘If precision is of the utmost importance, go for the strobe tuning mode and literally get within two cents of your note. With an incredible ± 0.02 cent of tuning accuracy, UniTune Clip is at home on the back of your headstock rocking out as well as for fine-tuning.’
TC adds that the UniTune Clip is built for a hard life, featuring a case made from moulded resin with a sandblasted stainless steel clip and is fitted with a tight industrial grade spring along with extra-grippy rubber pads to safely perch the tuner on a guitar’s headstock.


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