Korg unveils new tuners, a synth and Vox novelties for summer boost

Korg unveils new tuners, a synth and Vox novelties for summer boost

Korg has announced a range of new products for summer under both its Korg and Vox brands.
The Korg contingent focuses on the company’s successful tuners but there is also a new synthesiser/vocoder. From Vox, Korg is offering a new portable radio (!), mini guitar and bass amps with onboard rhythm units and an innovative new Bluetooth modelling amp/speaker system.


Korg’s clip-on tuners gain two new guitar models, the AW-LT100G (guitar) and AW-LT100B (bass). Both offer 100 hours of continuous operation, bright colour LCDs, are switchable between three types of meter display mode and are accurate within ±0.1 cent.


A useful selling point is that instead of the usual button cell, power comes from the less expensive and easier to find AAA size battery, SSP is £24 each for both models.


Also new are the AW-LT100M, AW-LT100T and AW-LT100V clip-on tuners designed for orchestral instruments. These also use AAA batteries and feature a bright colour LCD, as well as being switchable between fast and slow meter operation. The AW-LT100M is equipped with a large clip that supports a variety of orchestral instruments. The AW-LT100T is equipped with a small clip that’s optimised for trumpet and trombone, while the AW-LT100V is equipped with a dedicated clip and dedicated mode for violin and viola. All three offer easy operation with left/right shuttle switches, calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions.
All three are priced at (SSP) £32.00 and will be available in July


Finally, Korg’s tuner range gains a limited edition GA-2 compact bass and guitar tuner, the GA-2-MHG which comes in matt grey, at SSP £12. Meanwhile, an extra pound will buy you a new limited edition silver version of the CA-2 compact tuner. All of these will be available in July.


Still on the theme of new colour options., Korg is also introducing a bright new colour to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the microKORG. It will now come in platinum and, again, will be a limited edition, selling for SSP £329.

Vox Adio Air GT

Vox’s offerings are distinctive to say the least! Perhaps the most exciting of them are likely to be the Vox Adio Air GT and Adio Air BS, which are billed as modelling guitar and audio amplifiers.
These 50 Watt rated units provide two 3″ speakers for stereo operation and will run for a claimed eight hours on eight AA batteries. Light in weight, they use Vox’s VET modelling technology to provide up to 23 different amp models for the guitar version and 17 for the bass amp. They also offer 19 types of effects and support Bluetooth MIDI so they can be controlled wirelessly
In addition to their role as highly portable instrument amps, the Adios can also be used as audio playback devices, and feature a virtual ‘surround-sound’ effect. Other facilities include an audio equaliser, noise reduction circuitry when used for high-gain sounds, an auto tuner that also supports dropped tunings and a USB interface that lets the user switch between three different routings.
The units come bundled with JamVOX III and will sell for (SSP) £279.00. Both versions will be available in June.

AC2 RhythmVOX

Also new from Vox will be the AC2 RhythmVOX mini guitar amp with onboard rhythm and a bass version, the AC2 RhythmVOX Bass. Battery powered, they deliver two Watts. and both come with onboard effects, a choice of rhythm patterns and switchable pre-shape sounds. SSP will be £59.00 and they will be available in August.

AC30 Radio

Finally, Vox has announced the AC30 radio which is exactly what the name suggests – a miniature replica AC30 which functions as an AM/FM radio. Fully featured (it includes search and alarm functions among others) it will sell for SSP £65 when it becomes available in August.
Info: www.korg.co.uk