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Barnes and Mullins

Eventide’s H9 gains PitchFuzz

Eventide’s highly regarded H9 effects platform has gained yet another new algorithm, PitchFuzz, further expanding the unit’s capabilities and attraction for end-users.
PitchFuzz combines fuzz, three pitch shifters and two delays, Eventide says: ‘.. for an amazing range of tonal shapes. PitchFuzz is something new; more than and different from a classic fuzz octaver’.
‘Our aim with PitchFuzz was to create a single algorithm that could run distortion/fuzz into Eventide pitch shifters and then into Eventide delays. It allows you to recreate some of the classic guitar sounds of artists such as Jimmy Page, Brian May, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai—all of whom used Eventide gear in their rigs in the ‘70s and ‘80s,’ said Eventide Product Specialist Alan Chaput. ‘It can also be used to recreate distortion sounds from the ‘90s alternative rock era and beyond.’
PitchFuzz includes 36 presets, some crafted by Eventide artists. New H9 & H9 Core units come with a coupon for a free algorithm which can be used for PitchFuzz. Existing owners can purchase via the H9 Control app for $19.99. Owners of H9 Max get every new algorithm free, for life.


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