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Duncan’s Duality

Pickup maker Seymour Duncan has a new addition to its range, the new Duality, which aims to offer the best of both active and passive pickup characteristics.

‘Duality is a new active pickup architecture featuring the best attributes of passive and active technologies in one,’ says Seymour Duncan SVP of Products & CRO, Max Gutnik. ‘We’ve spent a lot of time reimagining what an active pickup could sound, feel and look like. The voicing is very versatile. From super-modern metal with a lot of aggressive attack to legitimately authentic blues and country tones.’

Duncan says the Duality architecture puts more emphasis on the pickup coils and magnet than traditional actives: ‘…while still offering the low noise, high headroom and signal strength integrity of actives. The lows are tight and percussive, the mids are strong and vibrant, and the highs are clear and airy’.

‘There is a lot of string content built into the voicing so you can really hear the tone coming through, as opposed to a lot of other actives where the preamp masks what’s going on with the guitar,” Gutnik says. “Duality will accentuate what you’re getting from your instrument.’


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