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Focusrite Debuts Scarlett OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic Eight-Channel Mic-Pre Units

Focusrite has launched two new Scarlett OctoPre mic-pre units: the standard Scarlett OctoPre and the Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic. With eight channels of Focusrite’s second-generation Scarlett pre-amps and built-in Focusrite precision 24-bit / 192 kHz conversion, Focusrite says the Scarlett OctoPres present an ideal way of adding eight extra mic/line inputs to a DAW or digital console.

The Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic is essentially the same product but with analogue compression and D/A conversion in addition.

Scarlett OctoPre and Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic are said to be ideal for expanding any high quality, multi-channel recording system.

The pre-amps feed 24-bit Focusrite A-D converters that operate up to 192kHz sampling with 109dB dynamic range, making the OctoPres ideal for hi-res audio recording. Dual ADAT ports enable eight channels to be used at sample rates up to 96kHz, while four channels can be transferred at 176.4/192kHz sampling. The Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic model adds eight channels of 24/192kHz D-A conversion too, with 108dB dynamic range, fed from dual ADAT inputs. A button switches the eight line outputs to be sourced from the ADAT inputs, via the D-A.

Both OctoPres provide phantom power throughout and accurate five-segment LED metering. The OctoPre offers a pad on every channel and front panel, high headroom instrument inputs. The OctoPre Dynamic comes with optimised headroom as standard, capable of handling the same input levels as the standard OctoPre, plus analogue, soft-knee compression on every channel for control of dynamics.


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