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Fender plans spring offensive with new pickups, necks, straps and more

Fender has seven new accessories being launched this month and in March. They include Custom Color Monogrammed Straps, new pickups, Stratocaster/Telecaster tuning machines, Hot Rod harmonicas and channel bound necks.

Ready now are Tex-Mex Telecaster pickups which Fender says are overwound for: ‘tight, clear bass, crisp highs and maximum output to kick your amp into overdrive’. One package includes a set of two single-coil Telecaster pickups and installation hardware. Also on offer are the Gen 4 Noiseless Pickups for the Stratocaster, Telecaster, and J Bass which were first introduced with the successful American Elite Series in early 2016, but are now available as individual components.

Custom Color Monogrammed Straps feature a palette inspired by original-era Fender “Custom Colors.” The 2”-wide straps are fully adjustable from 31” to 54” and are constructed with a durable polyester top layer and polypro backing to help prevent slipping. The straps also feature genuine leather ends with an embossed Fender logo and classic metal hardware. Straps are available in Candy Apple Red, Daphne Blue, Seafoam Green and Lake Placid Blue.

Launching in March are Stratocaster/Telecaster tuning machines feature vintage-style buttons. The set of six locking Stratocaster and Telecaster tuners fit most Stratocaster and Telecaster models. The new tuning machines are available in chrome or black finish and include bushings, removable tuner caps and mounting hardware.

Also new is Fender’s Hot Rod Deluxe Harmonica. The new harmonica includes a vented carrying case, polishing cloth and added valves, or ‘wind savers,’ to the brass reeds making it easier to play wide, multi-step bends in both the blow and draw cycles, the company says. Other features include etched Chrome Cover, ABS comb, brass reeds and is available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G. There is also a new Fender Hot Rod Deville Harmonica, said to be the latest refinement of Fender’s harmonicas.

Finally, also on the way are Channel Bound Stratocaster and Telecaster Necks. Fender says the “channel-bound” fingerboard is directly inlaid into the neck, eliminating the side seams while combining slick style with astounding fret-hand feel.


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