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Seymour Duncan adds guitar power amps and more

Today, veteran pickup specialist Seymour Duncan unveils one of this year’s NAMM surprises – new power amps, the PowerStage 170 and PowerStage 700.

The PowerStage 170, being the size of a pedal, will fit onto a pedal board, while the 700 is a rack-mounted unit with True Cab Circuitry (TCC), which, Duncan says, delivers cabinet-like feel and response direct to the PA or studio monitors.

Andromeda Dynamic Delay pedal

Also new is the Andromeda Dynamic Delay pedal, billed as a new approach to the traditional digital delay – as much a performance tool as it is a sound effect. Andromeda features: ‘…warm, hypnotic repeats with an unparalleled level of control and musical, dynamic interaction. The combination of versatility and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for the creative guitarist’.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Seymour Duncan without new pickups and the company is unlikely to disappoint with its brand new Alpha & Omega pickups, created to match the level of precision and versatility of Mark Holcomb’s playing. The Omega bridge pickup provides destructive percussion and growl in the mids and low end. Seymour Duncan says it’s aggressive but it also has lots of clarity and brightness, which cuts through whether you’re playing sophisticated chords, complex single-note lines or intense solos. The Alpha neck pickup is unlike most traditional neck models. ‘It was voiced to combine the best qualities of a neck and a bridge pickup, with some of that fat glassy sound but also plenty of your pick attack and fretting-hand phrasing’.

Finally, Duncan is unveiling its new Duality humbuckers. According to the company, the Duality architecture ‘revolutionises pickup design, combining passive voicing and active dynamics into one. These pickups simultaneously deliver a strong midrange, punchy and articulate lows with a three-dimensional high end. The feel is responsive, providing an organic experience that plays as good as it sounds. The output is incredibly versatile; powerful and tight enough for metal but open and clear enough for blues and rock. Unlike traditional active pickups, Duality’s unique, hybrid design brings the same tonal flexibility as passive pickups with the added benefits of an on board active preamp’.


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