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Ashdown does NAMM in style

Not content with showing just a couple of new products, the UK’s Ashdown unloaded a host of new gear both under its Ashdown and Hayden ranges. MIN will cover Hayden tomorrow, but here’s the news on the Ashdown products.

Eye catching in the extreme is the new 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed Cab. Ashdown says the CTM range has become a firm favourite with bass players including Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters), James Johnson (Biffy Clyro), James Lorenzo and Michael Rhodes. Hand built in Ashdown’s UK Custom Shop, the CTM-30 is a more casually named spin-off of Ashdown’s Little Bastard Head. Taking inspiration from the classic tube heads of the past, the 30-watt CTM-30 head is the younger brother of the CTM-300 and ‘…brings classic valve tone in a compact and more portable head, ideally suited to studio recording and smaller gigs.’

2017 sees Ashdown’s 20th anniversary commemorated by the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary CTM-30 Head and matching single 12-inch speaker cabinet in matching tweed covering. Produced for Nashville bass legend, Michael Rhodes, currently touring with Joe Bonamassa, every unit produced will come tested with a hand signed label by the man himself, Ashdown’s Founder and Managing Director, Mark Gooday.

Also being produced to celebrate 20 years, Ashdown has produced a limited edition ABM EVO-IV head and cabinet combination. The UK made 20th Anniversary ABM-600 EVO-IV and ABM 410T EVO-IV with design styling of a luxury car interior. With custom diamond vinyl covering, this 20th Anniversary model is reminiscent of the interior of a new Bentley, Ashdown says.

The 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition ABM-600 EVO-IV head comes complete with an anodized
alloy front panel, while the matching 4 x 10 cabinet comes loaded with Celestion speakers like the originals, back in 1997. Again, each one will be personally tested and approved by Mark Gooday.

Next up is the Ashdown Origin, a stripped-down amp with a passive/active switch determining whether the amp is being used with a high or low output instrument and sharing a lot of the bedrock features popular on Ashdown amps.

Ashdown FunkFace

Leaving amps for a while, Ashdown also showed the Funk Face – a Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai) signature twin dynamic filter pedal. Using a single valve, the Funk Face’s, ‘…simple 3-knob and 2-switch layout makes things simple for the bass player when those funky moments strike. Like classic envelope filters, the Funk Face’s ‘Sensitivity’ rotary control allows the player to shape the exact effects response, whilst the ‘Output’ knob allows you to decide just how much you it you want.,’ Ashdown says.

Finally, Ashdown’s smallest amplifier combos, the Tour Bus range, has received a makeover for 2017. In keeping with Ashdown’s AAA (Access All Areas) Range, the Tour Bus amplifiers have been upgraded to a premium heavy-duty buffalo Tolex covering with a distinctive vintage red grill. On the top panel, the Camper-style van artwork has been upgraded to a big-old American style Tour Bus.
Ashdown’s Tour Bus 10 and Tour Bus 15 are 10 and 15 Watt amplifiers with 6.5-inch and 8-inch speakers.


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