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Jackson welcomes Marty Friedman back to the fold

Jackson guitars has announced that shredder supreme Marty Friedman has rejoined its line-up of users.

One of the most respected players in high-energy rock, during his tenure with Megadeth in the ’90s Friedman helped to highly popularise the Jackson Kelly, his main guitar at the time. In 1996, Jackson released a Marty Friedman USA Signature model based on the Kelly. A new signature Friedman Jackson is scheduled for release at the NAMM show 2017.

‘From the first time I saved my money as a teen to buy a Jackson to the day they released my first sig model Kelly, there was always an aura of greatness about the brand and the instruments,’ said Friedman. ‘Even more important than that, the people at the company have always gone way beyond the call of duty to help me pursue my musical goals—even when I was not officially working with the company. That speaks volumes to me. My longstanding relationship with Jackson gave birth to my new sig model, which was a massive project for both of us. It’s a guitar that can hang with the most aggressive playing possible, as well as allows tender interpretations of melodies, two major elements of my music. Oh, and it looks badass, too.’

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