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Seymour Duncan Releases Jimi Hendrix Signature pickups

Seymour Duncan has unveiled a Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat Set of pickups and, for those who want to go for the full transplant, a complete pre-wired ‘Signature Loaded Pickguard’

Revealing the story behind the pickups’ evolution, the Santa Barbara company says: ‘On March 28, 1968, a young Seymour W. Duncan met Jimi Hendrix at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Jimi was playing two shows at the Field House arena. Seymour brought a gift with him that day; pickups he hand-wound just for Jimi. Roger Mayer installed the pickups in Jimi’s white Stratocaster then and there. He asked Seymour to carry that white Strat up on stage, and that event would set in motion Seymour’s future and legacy.’

The new products come with the authorisation of Authentic Hendrix LLC and each pickup has a reverse magnet stagger to simulate the effect of playing a right handed guitar upside down and restrung for a lefty.

‘We are thrilled to welcome Seymour Duncan as an official licensee to the Authentic Hendrix family,” said Janie Hendrix, President and CEO of Authentic Hendrix LLC. ‘With the foundation of a rich historic past, we embrace and celebrate our future in sound.’

These new pickups are also available in a standard pickguard and ‘voodoo style’ pickguard, for guitars with either a swimming pool or humbucker route. The pickguards are preloaded with the Jimi Hendrix Signature pickup set and come in 3-ply white with 250K pots, a 5-way pickup selector switch and .047 caps.

No UK prices were quoted on release but as a guide, US prices are: $279 for The Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat Set, while the loaded pickguards are $379, regardless of route option. Both options come with a commemorative book and stickers.


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