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Barnes and Mullins

Four new EarthQuakers arrive in the UK

ADG/Filling alliance has announced the arrival of four new products from EarthQuaker Devices, the Dispatch Master V2, Afterneath V2, Acapulco Gold V2 and Speaker Cranker V2.

All four V2 pedals now feature an updated high-quality soft-touch relay switching system:  ‘For dead-silent and effortless on-stage operation, along with enhanced long-term durability’ ADG says.

Additionally, the Dispatch Master V2 and Speaker Cranker V2 have been housed in new sturdy enclosures fitted with top-mounted jacks, for even easier and less painless pedalboard implementation.

Stefan Fast, ADG’s Marketing Manager said ‘These new V2 pedals now fit perfectly into modern setups, where pedalboard real estate is always scarce and where effects should be able to be brought in and out of the mix with ease, all without potentially disturbing click and pop noises. In essence, these upgrades are sure to cement and prolong the popularity of these already legendary pedals.’


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