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Shaw supplies 65daysofstatic kit with Sony PS4 cred

UK Drum maker Shaw Percussion has just delivered a British-made custom drum kit for the UK, Europe and Far Eastern tour of Sheffield based band 65daysofstatic. The band has recently been widely acclaimed for creating the soundtrack for this year’s keynote Sony PS4 game ‘No Mans Sky’. The live soundtrack performance tour of this will see the band perform virtually back to back shows for six weeks.

The kit is totally bespoke using artwork inspired and then created from the band’s soundtrack. This has been digitally printed on to a high gloss, hard wearing polycarbonate wrap. The shells are vintage maple style 45 degree bearing edges and fitted with Aquarian Super 2 heads on toms, SuperKick bass drum and using all Shaw fittings and hardware. A key aspect of this print method is that the choice of finishes is virtually limitless, and spectacular effects can also be achieved as each drum has an individually designed finish printed to size, not cut from a sheet. This was used to give a great visual effect on the 65dos kit.

Shaw says it worked with the whole band and their production designer to produce the graphics for the UK-built kit, and of course directly with Drummer Rob Jones to create the sound he needed for his live drums for this tour. His verdict was that it was: “Just superb and tunes so easily and I can’t wait to be sitting behind it for the tour” Rob also uses Shaw Stands and Shaw sticks.

It has been a busy time for Shaw, which has also been working with Martin Chambers from the Pretenders to produce his own printed stick, for the Pretenders USA tour that started at around the same time. His choice was the Shaw C Plus model but his preference is for raw wood sticks. Not a problem for Shaw, these were modified to his requirements and they were collected by Martin himself from Shaw’s Worcestershire artist centre, in time for the first day of the bands production rehearsals.


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