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Roland Announces Blues Cube ‘New York Blues’ Tone Capsule

Roland’s innovative Blues Cube range has a new plug-in ‘Tone Capsule’ on the way – the New York Blues, developed with guitarist Oz Noy.

Roland says this user-installable Tone Capsule changes the sound and response characteristics of a compatible Blues Cube amp to produce a voice similar to a traditional British combo amplifier with EL84 tubes while still incorporating elements of the Blues Cube’s American ‘tweed’ heritage.

The New York Blues Tone Capsule is the latest addition to the growing Tone Capsule line-up, which also includes Tone Capsules developed with Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, and Kirk Fletcher.

The New York Blues Tone Capsule is compatible with the Blues Cube Artist, Artist212, Stage, and Tour amplifiers. Info:

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