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Barnes and Mullins

Now ADG adds Two notes and Caroline Guitars

Fast growing Audio Distribution Group and its French alliance partner, Filling Distribution, have announced that they are adding Two notes (sic) and Caroline Guitars to their ranges.

Established in the south of France in 2008, Two notes Audio Engineering was born from the idea that guitar and bass players should be able to achieve professional recorded tones in their own home-studios, ADG says. ‘This has seen Two notes develop arguably some of the best and most acclaimed cab-simulation software and hardware in the world, plus a host of unique pre-amp pedals. Each of these are proving to be must have tools for the gigging and recording musician who want to use their existing valve/tube amps and effects, but find that either mics or cabs are getting in the way of getting a consistent sound.’

Commenting on the new distribution arrangements Two notes founder Guillaume Pille said ‘Appointing Filling Distribution, in collaboration with Audio Distribution Group, as our exclusive distributor in most of Europe, became obvious. Their expertise in MI, added to ADG’s sales force and knowledge of the Pro Audio market, is essential to a brand such as Two notes, who operates on both fronts. Expert products need expert distributors and retailers, and that is what Filling and ADG are bringing. Moreover, taking care of my brand is not just a technical and commercial task: it demands passion and dedication to be able to carry and develop the image of innovation and excellence that Two notes Audio Engineering represents.’

The partnership is also now responsible for sales of Caroline Guitar Company’s products for the entirety of Europe. The sonic brain child of former pro musician Philippe Herndon, Caroline Guitar Company was formed in 2010 to help alleviate all of the pedal pain points that he experienced during his touring days, daring to dream differently to bring musicians the effects he wished he had when he played the big stages.


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