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New Bass Drum beaters from DW

DW Drums has two new adjustable bass drum beaters, created with the co-operation of two top US drummers. The Black Sheep Beater was designed by Nashville’s Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) and the patented Control XL Beater was designed in conjunction with studio legend, J.R. Robinson (Barbra Streisand/Michael Jackson). DW says both designs are perfect for maximising the tonal potential of any kick drum.


‘These two new beaters offer quick easy options to change up your sound with little or no effort,’ said DW Director of R&D, Rich Sikra. ‘The Black Sheep Beater and the Control XL beaters are the ‘chameleons’ of bass drum beaters. With a simple adjustment to the beater heads, drummers can modify their sound, attack and volume in a matter of seconds.’

Designed by by Nashville drummer Rich Redmond, The Black Sheep Beater offers two distinct sonic variations. At the core of the accessory is a black-stained maple beater. The beater also comes with elastic black wool covering which quickly installs and provides ‘a soft thump’.

The Control XL Beater was designed in collaboration with studio legend John “J.R.” Robinson, and  includes  interchangeable, oversized square wood and felt striking surfaces, as well as an extra-long steel shaft for optimal throw and power. Based on the original Control Beater model that is standard equipment on high-end DW Manufacturing pedals, the multipurpose design allows drummers to adjust the amount of weight at the beater head and change beater playing surfaces instantly. The Control XL’s longer shaft measures 8.15” for additional throw and power, while oversized, square wood or felt beater faces provides more head contact for maximum volume and attack.


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