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Two more Tonebones from Radial

Radial Engineering’s rapidly expanding range of Tonebone pedals has grown again – this time with the release of the Bumper, an instrument selector, and a re-engineered version of the Classic, now known as the Classic V9.


The Bumper is a compact instrument selector that lets users connect up to four instruments to a single guitar amp and select between them using a single footswitch. The design features Radial’s Class-A buffer circuit and each instrument can further be tailored with Drag control load correction to compensate for the buffer and replicate the tone and feel as if connected directly to an amplifier. When combining active and passive instruments, high output active ones can be adjusted using the trim control to reduce the sensitivity. This allows quick changeovers without having to adjust stage amp volumes or settings on the PA and monitors.  In addition to the stage amp out, there is a separately buffered tuner out for quick on-the-fly adjustments.

The Bumper is claimed to be perfectly suited for both electric and acoustic guitar, bass or may be combined with a Radial DI for use with a mandolin, dobro, violin or any other instrument.

The Classic V9 is a ‘next generation’ version of the original Classic that is both smaller and easier to power, yet retains the dynamics and tonal range of the original. It also operates from standard 9v power, as opposed to the specialised 15v supply needed for the original Tonebone Classic.

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