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Hughes & Kettner announces Grandmeister Deluxe 40

Hughes & Kettner has launched a compact, four channel 40 Watt uber-amp, the Grandmeister Deluxe 40 (GM40H).

Hughes & Kettner says its all-tube Deluxe Tone Technology ensures that each channel has its own unique character, gain structure and overtone spectrum. Warm Cleans, classic Crunch, pure Lead brown sounds and dynamic Ultra high gain tones can be mated to the onboard studio quality Reverb, Delay and Modulation effects. The channel-tailored boost differs in volume and frequency as a player switches between channels, expanding the user’s tonal palette as four different stomp boxes would do.

Thanks to the smart rotary controls, all settings can be stored and recalled, enabling the creation of up to 128 sound presets, accessible at the touch of a button with the optional FSM432 MK III MIDI foot controller.

Other features include the Power Soak and the new RedBox DI with Ambience Emulation. A handy Noise Gate measures the guitars signal at the input, but cuts noise in-between the pre-amp and the effects loop. Hughes & Kettner claims it is ‘the fastest and most musical noise gate in the world’. The amp also features inbuilt TSC – Tube Safety Control – which constantly monitors and readjusts the bias of each power amp tube, ensuring that the tubes always sound great and live longer.

The amp also offers a free App for iPad, making it, Hughes & Kettner says, ‘the only remote controllable all-tube amp in the world’.

The Grandmeister Deluxe 40 will have an RRP of £1,199.

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