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Zildjian Celebrates 10th Anniversary of K Custom Hybrid Cymbals

Zildjian is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its K Custom Hybrid cymbals with the launch of a limited edition pair of 14” K Custom Hybrid Reversible HiHats, developed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo, who worked with the company in 2006 to create the original models.

Unlike standard HiHats, the Reversible Hats do not have a designated “top” or “bottom” cymbal, meaning each is interchangeable, giving users greater variety of tonal possibilities with a single pair. On one cymbal, the inner half features the popular half lathed/half unlathed finish found with the current K Custom Hybrid line. On the other cymbal, the inner half has a traditional finish, while the outer half is unlathed with a brilliant finish. This cymbal also features the innovative “reverse Mastersound edge hammering” which, Zildjian says, eliminates airlock where areas between hammer marks strike the other cymbal, “creating a softer Mastersound tone”.

The Limited Edition 14” K Custom Reversible HiHats will be available until the end of 2016.

Info: hybrid-10th-anniversary

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